Happy Days Sea Cruising, Dubai

Happy Days Sea Cruising LLC has been established in 2007 and is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a leading company in fishing and cruising that operates a fleet of seven yachts and fishing boats for every occasion. The company enjoys the reputation of safety,cleanliness, and reliability and is widely known in the region, including on key search engines, and ranks as top one fishing company in the Google search site

Our mission is to provide a happy experience to our customers and their families while operating the business with:

Pride and humility
Quality and integrity
Care and Safety

To do justice to this claim, our boats and yachts are equipped according to the modern needs, with a professional and qualified crew on board, insurance and as well as sustainable initiatives to protect the environment, i.e. sustainable fishing practices.

Happy Days Sea Cruising LLC is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, offering exclusive fishing trips in Dubai. Happy Days Sea Cruising Dubai have their own fleet of yachts and boats to suit every occasion. Our Boats are berthed at the Jumeirah Fishing Village. Happy Days Sea Cruising is the only Cruising company which is part of Airmiles and Rotana group reward schemes.

Happy Days provide complimentary Drinks & Snacks, all Fishing equipments, experienced Captain and Crew. All boats have the latest safety equipments & insurance.

If you require any further information, please contact us.